A Life in Review: Hanging Out

A Life in Review: Hanging Out

“Interesting plot.  Could have been better cast.”

The Prompt: Four Stars–Write a review of your life — or the life of someone close to you — as if it were a movie or a book.

9 thoughts on “A Life in Review: Hanging Out

  1. scott bacon

    He, lay there wondering, would he ever be able to walk again. Looking around the room, realizeing he would probably be here a long time, this was not good. He tried to adjust the tubes, wires and other things attached to his body, but movement only brought pain. With the pain came the memoires of how he had gotten here. That still was a painful memory. It was early morning looked like it would be a nice one, quickly he, gathered his things and left the house loading his truck, headed through town to the job sight, had some work to get done this saturday morning, wanted to get an early start, so he would be done at noon. It was saturday, he didn’t want to work all day, the work needed to be done. He parked right up front next to the building, went in there was no one else there, so he laid out his work on the floor in the middle of the building. He was going to layout the measurement marks of the interior walls, on monday the carpentry crews could come in snap the lines and build walls, then put them up. It had been a nice calum day when he arrived, but soonafter the wind started to pick-up, he really did not notice. He figured the measurements, started laying out the third floor. Oh yes it was a three floor appartment building. In around half an hour, he was finished with that floor. He came down took a small break, got the measurements for the second floor. When he started to go to that floor, he noticed the wind was blowing but really not hard enough to worry the building was well braced, just for that reason. He started that floor and it took about fifteen minutes longer than the other, he went down once more to the main floor. Buy now the wind was howling, taking a look around he saw no reason not to finish the job. Nealing over the plans, that were spread out on the floor, he started his last calculations, when he heard the wind give a roar that shook the building starting to rise, the building gave a groan he heard a snap, things started to break. He was hit buy falling debree a


  2. Allenda Moriarty

    There were certainly some interesting plot twists, that we observed, and a fair share of interesting characters. You can choose whatever definition that you prefer for “characters.”



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