On The Way: Pigeonholed and Dovetailed!!!

This lovely pair welcomed us home yesterday.  I fumbled to extricate my camera from my purse and then its case.  I missed the initial perfect shot, but they sat still long enough for one fast shot,

then flew away.


12 thoughts on “On The Way: Pigeonholed and Dovetailed!!!

      1. Relax

        Doves are more graceful than pigeons, and their wings make noise whenever they fly off. Plus, the ring around the neck suggests they are mourning doves?


  1. calensariel

    We have a HUGE Maple in our front yard with two bird feeders in it. Have probably half doze morning doves eating regularly. They’re not afraid of us any more. The tree is right outside my “library” window. Their cooing early in the morning can get on your nerves though! 🙂

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