A Photo A Week: The Circle of Life (2)


DSC00086 - Version 3DSC00081

The circles of life above  were constructed by Nancy Gerdt, a talented artist from Felton, CA.  Here is her beautiful garden and her studio:

DSC00090 (1)DSC00103and some more of her work:





7 thoughts on “A Photo A Week: The Circle of Life (2)

  1. Cee Neuner

    I’m clueless. (Judy’s note: This comment is really in regard to my other posting on the theme of The Circle of Life. It won’t make sense in regard to this one! I messed up, not Cee.)

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      If you don’t know, no one will. It took me a while to figure out how I did it as well and actually even my “solution” is just a guess. There is one clue in the photo that helped.


  2. nancy merrill

    If you took it on film, I’d say that your negatives somehow got spliced together incorrectly. Is the sensor on your digital camera acting up in other ways? Thanks for joining the challenge! (Note from Judy: This comment, also, is in regard to another posting. I think my blogs and comments got thrown into a cyber box and shaken this morning. Everything is mixed up, but totally my fault. Too hard to explain, so you’ll have to take this on faith.)


    1. lifelessons Post author

      I think that I was unknowingly taking the shot in the panoramic setting. I snapped the picture, then took my camera down to my lap and it obviously continued to shoot. Usually it gives a warning that I’m not moving in a horizontal direction and stops shooting. Perhaps it did here, but I didn’t notice. It created an interesting effect, anyway. I’ve sent you a more conventional “Circle of Life” posting as well. I know many people don’t like puzzles, so it is to atone for the riddle!

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  3. Marilyn Armstrong

    Some of my favorite pictures have been “happy accidents.” I think this is one of those. Very interesting art. I think I’ve seen either this artist or someone who does something very similar.



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