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The canvas is my suitor. It holds me in its sway,
seduces me with reaching arms that draw my brush its way.
I paint upon its surface and in turn it draws me out.
All those pains I hide inside on canvas learn to shout.

It stands mostly unnoticed when others are around,
attracting no attention and making not a sound,
but when alone, it prompts me to bare my soul to it,
and all the angst that crowds my mind finds a place to fit.

Written for this prompt: https://lifeafter50forwomen.com/2022/08/01/what-do-you-see-145-august-1-2022/  Image by Marti Alonso @ Unsplash

Feed the Birds (Art Challenge #6)

This art print of Antonio Lopez Vega inspired the piece above. She is feeding the birds and in turn they bring her a message in the beak of the bird to the left. Wheat from my father’s last harvest spills from the hand formed copper bowl from Santa Clara del Cobre. A copper plate holds a loaf of bread and a halved avocado. Copper leaf in the background surrounds the woman and completes the theme.

This is one of a number of my retablos still on view at the studio of Jesus Lopez Vega, at the junction of Rio Zula/Rio Brava and Ocampo, a half block south of Casa Linda Restaurant in Ajijic. Open M-F until April 30.

Dance of the Snake Woman (Art Challenge # 1)


Dance of the Snake Woman

I’ve been nominated by Linda Levy to post a piece of my art each day for ten days. This first selection is one of the pieces in my present show that has been marked SOLD. Unfortunately, I had a terrible time getting a photo of it as it was in a frame with glass over the front and most of the photos had reflected images of other pieces hanging on the wall across from it. In this photo, I managed to get a shot with nothing except myself reflected in the glass. Just for the fun of it, I left my hands. An explanation of the piece is below. With the frame, I believe it was approximately 20 ” square.

Dance of the Snake Woman

In many cultures, the snake functions as a messenger between man and the gods or the conscious and unconscious minds. Number seven is the number of connection as well as the end result of adding numbers 3 and 4, two other numbers of special significance to me. The music box plays “A Little Night Music”—a serenade of sorts.

This piece is about connection to the world as well as one’s own nature. Movement and grounding are of equal importance, as is maintaining a keen eye, creative inspiration and practice, be it in the word of art, dance, music, photography, writing or human interaction. Each of these symbols of the universal truths of the world has a personal significance in my life, as well. My own image was captured in the glass of this piece as I took the picture. It turned out to be appropriate, I think.

The central image is the figure of a woman carved from wood by my husband Bob. It was part of a totem-like carving that had four figures, each standing supported by or supporting another one it a vertical column. In the move to Mexico, it broke into four pieces and although I originally intended to repair it, I later decided to make a collaborative piece out of each figure. Since my husband died shortly before our projected move to Mexico, it has been our last collaboration after 14 years of doing collaborative work together.

The snake extensions and all of the other collage elements were added by me.

Here is a view of the entire piece, reflections and all.

Isidro’s Creations, in Paint and in the Flesh

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These are some shots of Isidro Xilonsochitl’s show at the Cultural Center in Ajijic Plaza, taken yesterday, March 4, 2022, at the opening reception. The show consisted of a number of very large canvasses as well as multi-image sculptures. The children pictured are his grandchildren, the lovely woman at the refreshment table is his daughter Paloma, the mother of two of the children.

The Poet’s Eye, the Artist’s Tongue

This article came out in Conecciones, the Lake Chapala Society publication for March. It details a bit about my work, what goes in to making a retablo and also gives information about my show in Ajijic with Jesus Lopez Vega on March 26 from 3 to 7. Details are given below about the reception and other hours the exhibition will be open. Thanks, Harriet, for all your work and research in putting the article together.


The Arts: Wordle 531

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The Arts

Do stories flutter round your head and brush your ears with wings?
Do words sift down like embers and ignite sparks in things?
Do crystal visions in your eyelids scare away the blues?
Do new rhythms lift your spirits and install taps on your shoes?
Do staffs of music fall like rain to shift your mode of thinking?
Fall like water from the sky until you feel you’re sinking
into overtures of gratitude for what life has been giving:
words  and music, art and dance  that make your life worth living.


flutter stories haunt spark lift words wing staff shift water gratitude crystal


For  Sunday Whirl Wordle 531

Skilled Hands and Imagination, Last of the Card, November 2021

I’ve been to two Xmas craft shows and a weekly street market, and at each, the only person whose work I couldn’t resist was the lady pictured above.  

And this is what I bought. Believe me, I could have purchased more. Her pieces were one-of-a-kind and there isn’t one I wouldn’t have purchased if I had the room. These are all Xmas gifts. Except, perhaps, for one.


for Bushboy’s Last on the Card Challenge Hope you don’t mind that I shared my last two as I figured the creator of these objects deserved to be seen, as well.

Hibiscus: FOTC, Nov 9, 2021



My husband Bob carved this plaque that I’ve hung on the palm tree where I pass it every time I go down to the garden. The quote on it, “And Owl moved to some other tree,” is from Winnie the Pooh, I believe. It looks like flowers just want to grow nearer to join it!

I see hibiscus, thunbergia grandiflora, bougainvillea and crown of thorns blooms in the photo.

For Cee’s FOTD

Little Altars Everywhere

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This is one of the pieces I made for a Day of the Dead show at Jesus Lopez Vega’s Gallery in Ajijic opening on November 2, 2021 on Rio Zula, one block south of the Carretera. This piece is 20 inches high and 12 inches wide. It includes a miniature I made of an actual book entitled “Noche de Muerto en Michoacan, Muestratio Portico” that is sitting on the chair. Other offerings mentioned below are on the table, along with a photo of the dear departed.

Little Altars Everywhere

There’s no pleasing the likes of a departed soul.
Take for instance the corpses out for a stroll
on Day of the Dead with their garb all in shreds
when other departed remain in their beds.
They think they’re entitled to dead bread and beer,
flowers and candles and when you come near,
they’ll say they’re entitled to sweets and tamales.
Once a year this is how they get their jollies.
All over the city, we bring them their due,
and when it comes your turn, we will bring it to you!


Prompt words today are corpse, title, pleasing, garb and city.

The Cat That Roared: PPAC, Aug 8, 2021


Please click on photos to enlarge.

I love this bronze sculpture of a cat looking into a mirror which is one of dozens along the streets and in the parks in Sheridan, Wyoming. This one is on the corner near the cinema.

For Cee’s Photographing Public Art Challenge

And, it seems like this would be appropriate for Travel With Intent’s “Reflections” prompt, as well.