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Daily Post Photo Challenge: Saturated

These are two of my older retablos–both pretty colorful! Although the retablos were sold many years ago, I found these photos on an old photo disk. The top one is about 5 inches wide, the bottom one probably about 15 inches high.  Click on photos to enlarge.


For The Daily Post Photo Challenge: Saturated

Lonely Artist Covid Art Challenge #5: Sascha Kronick Frowine

Sascha Kronick Frowine is a friend who now lives in Asheville, North Carolina but who once lived in Ajijic and was a member of a monthly art group I belonged to. I miss the group and seeing her work, so was delighted when she decided to join in this project. Here is Sascha’s explanation of her piece:

After recovering from Covid 19 and Double Pneumonia mid March to early April, I realized that I needed to adjust my attitude if I was going to survive and thrive during the multitude of crisis in 2020. Focusing on Gratitude seemed like a good place to start. I took a bit of artistic license being in the states and not exchanging the same items you did in Mexico. The outside of the box represents the worldwide pandemic and the inside is where I choose to put my focus on…besides voting in November and getting rid of 45! All the words that I am grateful for are in Spanish as I continue to improve my Spanish every chance I have. The flowers are all from Ajijic. The little cards all fit in the container behind the smiling girl. A few things I’m grateful for are the gift of time, Steve, my husband, our dogs, music, my flute, the birds in our yard, our garden, books and many more. I’ve spent most of my time recently teaching Yoga and Pilates . This Caja de Gratitud is a good start for beginning to create again! Thanks for this challenge, Judy!


Please click on each photo to enlarge it.

Heartful Gatherings: August 27, 2020

Heartful Gatherings

Those who yawp on about rainbows and the weather are too wordy.
I’d rather converse at great length about topics more nerdy.
Crossed ankles and a pot of tea with polite conversation
seem somehow remiss in their mental titillation.
Give me feet up on the coffee table with a nerd or two—
both talk and a libation of a stronger brew.
Quantum physics, writing, music, games or art
make for a connection that is closer to my heart.
When it comes to cliques that I could  be a part of,
I prefer to find a group that I can find the heart of.

Prompt words for today are connection, nerd, rainbow, yawp and group.

Lonely Artist Covid Art Challenge, Artist #4, Jeff Brown


.                                           Jeff Brown’s contribution to the challenge.

The below commentary is by Jeff’s wife Debbie. Jeff is my artist stepson who lives in California. If Debbie would send some photos, I will send you photos of his art in another blog. Here are photos of Debbie and Jeff in Mexico.

“Jeff was on a lil Covid vacation. We went to Half Moon Bay camping and to see a change of scenery. One day we set up art camp and made retablos. Jeff made this because of fun times at Lake Chapala: playing Mexican Train and visiting Herradura tequila factory. Fond Memories. He says it’s still not done..but it’s a start.”

Lonely Artist Covid Art Challenge: Jean Mulleneaux (Artist # 3)


Jeannie did a great job of using all of the different objects presented to artists to use in the challenge. The mysterious rings that none of us knew the purpose for, bottle caps, wine corks, joker card, cardboard carton and buttons. If making this playful wall art collage didn’t cheer her up in her isolation, I don’t know what would. Hopefully, she’ll add some notes about her process in the comments.

(Click on photos below to enlarge)

To see the original challenge as well as links to the work of other artists who have sent in their photos of how they met the challenge, go HERE.   If you want to join in, you need not start with the objects we started with. Choose your own media. Want to bake a Lonely Artist Covid cake? Great. Write a poem? Paint a painting? Do a mural? Make an intriguing mask? Snap a photo? Do a video? Sing a song? Do a dance? All are welcome. Just link your contribution via a link to this blog or to the link to the original challenge above.


Candace’s Explanation for her Lonely Artist piece

This is her completed piece

Thank you Judy Dykstra-Brown, this challenge came at the beginning of the quarantine , if approached now, it would be a totally different outcome. It was a fun silly project, making me miss our lovely art group. We had such fun creating art and community. Judy called several artist to see if they were up for the challenge. We each cleaned out our art supplies, which usally consist of lots of recycled oddities. Leftover collecting practices I guess for me, of being a preschool Director/teacher collecting items for art projects. Which in turns, contributes to me being a mixed media artist. Each artist who participated in this challenge, shared their collective art stash with the other artist. We then were to come up with some piece of art out of those items. This challenge came durning the time I learned my beautiful cousin became ill and hospitalized, being placed on a ventilator. No, she didn’t have the virus, but a heart condition. Her family could not visit her, because of hospital rules during the virus. This project helped me durning this time, making it was a mindless creative outlet, I would hum to myself, Simon and Garfunkel’s song, “Rosie, Queen of Corona” thinking of Debby as I created, willing Debby to breath on her own. It’s a silly piece of art, no museum piece. Nor will it last the ages, but a simple diversion of what was going on in the world. My beautiful cousin lost her life, on the eve of Mother’s Day. She left behind a husband, two children, two grandchildren, a brother, and her sweet mother, and many many extended family members who loved her. My heart still hurts over this. No, this art does not reflect Debby, but the process has a memory of keeping her in prayer durning her last days. My heart still hurts that she is no longer with us.

Here is Debby’s photo with her husband when they were younger.

HERE is my original blog with Candace’s piece in it. To see more closeups of her piece, go to that blog.

“Rosie, Queen of Corona” Candace Spence’s Contribution to the Lonely Artist Covid Challenge

The challenge to create an art piece about their Coronavirus experience went out to a number of artists. All of us who lived in the Lake Chapala area were given a box of ingredients to start us off. We could use as many of them as we wished and add whatever ingredients we wanted to. To see the original challenge and items each of us received for the Lonely Artist Covid Challenge, go HERE. If you want to joint in on the challenge, send links to your blog or photos of your project to this blog.

Click on the first photo and then the arrows to enlarge photos and read commentary.

To see Candace’s comments about her piece, go HERE. To see other contributions to this project go HERE. I’ll put links to all other contributions there as well, as they come in.

Lighting of All Kinds: for Cee’s B&W Challenge


Please click on the photos to enlarge them.

For fourteen years before I moved to Mexico, my husband and I made hundreds of art lamps–no two the same. He did the stone and wood structures and I did the willow structures and also made the washi paper from mulberry bark to create the shades or outer coverings. 

For Cee’s B&W Lighting of all kinds.