Perpetual Blog

Perpetual Blog

Posting blogs just never stops—
in restaurants or in coffee shops,
waiting in an airport line
or in a wine bar sipping wine.

When it comes to blogging, I’m not choosy.
In the pool or the Jacuzzi,
my computer on a tiny table,
I add to blogs if I am able.

I admit that I am prone
to posting while I’m on the phone.
In the kitchen while burning supper,
posting blogs can be an upper.

Often, when I’m traveling,
my sister’s patience unraveling
past midnight, when she wants to sleep–
as she lies there counting sheep,

I take my laptop to the loo
to do what I’m impelled to do–
tapping gently on the keys
with my computer on my knees.

But I must admit, when I’m alone,
my favorite way to post is prone.
Flat in bed, from toes to noggin,
is how I usually do my bloggin’.

What’s the strangest place from where you have posted a blog?

7 thoughts on “Perpetual Blog

  1. alphabetstory

    Love it—you can turn any word into the most delicious offering ever! I just love to dive into your poems. I always bring my appetite and know a surprise or two will always happen.


    1. lifelessons Post author

      Well, like a cook loves a dinner guest with a good appetite, so I love an appreciative reader. Thanks for being so consistent in making me feel good about my writing, ABC. Judy



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