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                                                       On The Run!!!
If a grand slam is, as I think it is, a home run hit over the fence with the bases loaded that thereby also brings in three other runners, then I would say the equivalent in my life would be to find an agent who would find a publisher for all four of my children’s books! I am not a lazy writer, but I am a lazy marketer/promoter.  I would love to find someone to turn that part of my life over to!!!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Grand Slam.” In your own life, what would be the equivalent of a grand slam?

8 thoughts on “On the Run!!!

  1. Marilyn Armstrong

    Funny how many of us write, but flunk marketing. I did my best, but it wasn’t good enough and now I don’t really care anymore. But you might yet do it. There’s a decent market for kid’s books, better than adult markets. So don’t give up, not yet!


  2. Scott

    Finding a publisher would be a grand-slam, a home run, a touchdown, a three pointer, call it what you may. Success has many faces, and flavors.


  3. Gerry C.

    The human brain is a bicameral arrangement. One side is dedicated to creativity. The other half to the more mundane aspects of life such as securing a proper marketing agent to promote our creativity.

    You are N O T a lazy self promoter merely a creative person whose intellectual processes are dedicated more to the promotion of your thoughts, ideas and notions than you are towards the advancement of your finished works. That’s okay.

    Give this process time. Eventually the logical side of your brain will negotiate with the creative side of yourself and will work in unison to finding you an aggressive marketing / promotion guru.

    I hope my little “pep talk” helped you out. Remember: Enjoy the day! Be yourself. Stay happy and focused. That is all any of us can really do. It will work out for you Judy.

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