Best Preteen Memories

Best Pre-teen Memories

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Please post your best ten memories of your life before 10 years old. Mine are:

  1. Going to first grade parties in Mrs. Sandy’s room from the time I was two until I was 6 and old enough to be in the first grade. (I lived across the street and first attended when my sister Patti was in the first grade.)
  2. Decorating the Xmas tree with my mom and sisters and sitting up late with the lights off, admiring the lit Xmas tree. Xmas morning, coming down to find all the presents under the tree.
  3. Going out to the ranch with my dad, sitting in the back of the pickup and hanging my head over the side with my mouth open to let the wind parch the inside of my cheeks until they were like beef jerky, then driving fast over the dam grades and herding cows, getting a long freezing cold drink from the well at the Millay place.
  4. Making May Baskets with my mom.
  5. Going to visit my sister Betty in college and getting to sleep in her dorm room.
  6. Getting to go to my older sister Patti’s birthday parties and playing with the “BIG GIRLS!”
  7. Staying at the “Deer Huts” in the Black Hills and getting to go to the outhouse in the middle of the night.
  8. Getting to participate in my sister Patti’s summer plays in the backyard.
  9. Getting to go to Aunt Mabel and Uncle Herman’s ranch with my older sister Betty and getting to stay with them once when my mom was out of town. Watching Mabel operate the cream separator, feeding the chickens and eating her ever-after-unsurpassed apple crunch!!!!
  10. Swimming in Johannsen’s stock dam during summer afternoons, closely watched by the self-appointed lifeguard, “Pink” Sandy.

Now…please post your ten favorite pre-ten memories to your blog with a link to mine. To form a link, go to that page in your blog and select and copy the URL. Then come to my blog and in the comment box, make a comment if you wish and paste your URL. Then you can see each other’s lists via the hyperlinks on my blog.



26 thoughts on “Best Preteen Memories

    1. lifelessons Post author

      I was the only one she invited other than the younger brothers and sisters of class members. I lived right across the street and I guess I was more loveable as a two year old (which is my age when my sister was a first-grader and took me to parties at school) than I am now! After my sister left for the glories of second, third, fourth and fifth grades, Mrs. Sandy just kept inviting me to the parties. So, I had not a gram of worry re/ going to school for real!

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  1. Victoria

    I love this! Thanks for inviting me over. I’ve already got one in mind… I’ll think up nine more and post tomorrow! And I’ll also read yours, since I haven’t done that yet and my brain refuses to process information right now. I’m sure they’re lovely, so I’d like to appreciate and read it properly instead of just scanning and liking

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  6. Mary Francis McNinch

    I hope I remember to ask you who the girl with the dark braids is. I recognize her but can’t remember how I know her. I wrote about Pink Sandy too. I enjoyed reading your list Judy and as always, great photos


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