The Proposal

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    Owen “Beleaguered” Servant provided this quote for my next poetry prompt:
    “How quick come the reasons for approving what we like.” – Jane Austen

    The Proposal

    How did you make your way into my heart?
    Quick, tell the answer before we next part.
    Come into my comfort, then comfort me back.
    The way of the pair beats the way of the pack.
    Reasons are given for all that we do–
    For the ways that we love and the ways that we woo.
    Approving my actions in loving you is
    What wins you my love and wins you this kiss.
    We swear to each other that we will be true
    Like all the lovers in storybooks do.

    Like brides and their bridegrooms and lieges and kings,
    We shall swear our obeisance and seal it with rings.
    What others have done is what we will do.
    Approving tradition will make one of two.
    For the rest of our lives, if they revile and chide us,
    Reason’s not the only thing that will guide us.
    The love we keep strong will keep us together.
    Come be my steed, and I’ll be thy tether.
    Quick, take my hand and give me thy pledge.
    How we’ll kiss in the meadow and roll in the sedge.

    (Judy’s note: If you haven’t already noticed, please look for the quote within the poem.
    Actually, it is repeated twice. Hint: Look at the bold words.)

    Listen to the Babe was the person who invited me to do this three-part prompt.  See her blog HERE.

7 thoughts on “The Proposal

  1. Marilyn Armstrong

    It’s almost like rhyming marriage vows. Lovely. I forgot my vows when it came time for me to say them. Stage fright. Garry, of course, had memorized his. Just another stand-up in front of the cameras. I looked like a dunce and the minister wouldn’t left me have a cheat sheet.


  2. lifelessons Post author

    i don’t know if anyone has noticed that the words of the quote, in order, provide the first word of each line in the poem, first forwards and then backwards.


  3. Allenda Moriarty

    Yes, I noticed. Very cleverly written. I was wondering if there was going to be some kind of a hidden announcement in there. Thought of you tonight as I was fixing something to eat and imagined how nice it would be to pick up the phone and call you or go out on the porch and call over to you to join us.


  4. Tim Gatewood

    This is nicely done. You did not have to bold the words to make it too obvious, though. Part of the joy in something like this is finding the hidden message. I have read that Psalms and Proverbs (and possibly other passages in the Hebrew Scriptures) have similar features in the ancient Hebrew — acrostics, hidden messages, a music that comes from the rhythm of the language as it is spoken aloud, these can be lost in translation. Most Americans (if they ever read more than a few bits here and there of the Bible) will never see these things in it, as they were truly lost when the text was rendered into English. In any case, thank you for sharing this.


    1. lifelessons Post author

      I didn’t originally,but the first five people who read it didn’t “get” the device–including writers and English teachers and other word people, so I put in the hints. Wish you had read it earlier so the fun hadn’t been ruined for you, Tim. My first impulse was to let people discover it for themselves but I think people read blogs so quickly that sometimes they don’t look for the intricacies. When I’m caught by a poem, I read it over and over, but. . . Thanks for your comment. If I ever share it with my small poetry group I will most certainly take out the boldface and the comment.



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