What Should Be and Be and Be

What Should Be and Be and Be


I don’t really believe in fate because I don’t think life would make much sense if we were just following an unknown preordained script; but I do think some things are more likely to happen if we follow our intuition.  If quantum physics is fact, I think our intuition is what guides us back to our other parts. This is why some people seem so familiar when we meet them and so right.  And perhaps why others seem so wrong from the very beginning.  How boring a game is life if we are fated.  What an engaging game if life after life it is a game of go seek! It is not a case of what will be but rather a case of what “should be”

Prompt: Que Sera Sera--Do you believe in fate or do you believe you control your own destiny?

7 thoughts on “What Should Be and Be and Be

  1. Marilyn Armstrong

    Regardless, it is what it is. Doing the good parts, we get to go where we want and do what we love. The bad parts? Not so much. No matter what happens, the most important part is to enjoy the ride. I’m not convinced we get a rerun, so we better do it the best we can first time around 🙂

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      I’m not either. The idea of reincarnation both scares me to death and excites me. If it just keeps getting better then I’m all for it, but we’d better start cleaning up our world. That would be a great incentive to do so. If only we could convince our politicians and industry leaders.


  2. Insach

    Agreed. 🙂
    On a funny note… once I and a friend of mine were debating on this topic and he ends up saying the most illogical thing – “this debate and therefore our disagreement is all as it was planned – it is fate.”
    And I was like what?!? LOL!!
    And then I made a funny remark and said that, he deserved it, it was his fate!
    I feel It is one of those “no one knows for sure” topics. Great post.

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