Lunch Date (Old-Fashioned Attention): JNW’s Prompt Generator

Lunch Date

One thing I’d like that I will mention
is a bit of old-fashioned attention.
The kind with no device in hand
is the kind that I can stand

better than the sort with texting
minds caught in “before” and “next”ing
and not a thought for whom you’re with
until I’m sure that it’s a myth

that I’m the one you want to see,
even though you have invited me.
For though our table is for two,
you bring so many more with you–

every relative and friend.
Your texts to them just never end.
Our tete a tete‘s become absurd.
I never get to speak a word!

So there’s one thing I’d like to state.
Please cancel our next luncheon date.
The next time you desire a munch,
just take your iPhone out to lunch!

My prompt was “Old-fashioned Attention.” To get a prompt or see more JNW Prompt-Generated posts, go HERE.

Needless to say, there will be no sequel to this lunch date, but to see posts about sequels to movies, go here:


16 thoughts on “Lunch Date (Old-Fashioned Attention): JNW’s Prompt Generator

  1. vnktchari

    Beautiful rhyming poetry. I dislike all these cell-phone and tablet addicts. I keep my phone only for receiving or making special calls and for taking photos. And, of course, for awakening me at 6 am. that’s all.

    Liked by 1 person

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