3:08 AM (On the Night of the Blood Moon Eclipse)

IMG_56513:08 A.M.
(On the Night of the Blood Moon)

A donkey’s bray saws through my dream,
opening sleep’s creaking door.
Three hours slumber is not enough.
I float the night in search of more.

Like a porthole letting in the day,
night’s shadow cusps the bloated moon.
Its light invades my stubborn dream.
I am awakened too soon, too soon.

A message honed on the strop of night
slices through my dream’s light gown.
My mind’s eye heavy with lost sleep
sees truth disrobed and writes it down.

When waking we feel taught by dreams,
it may not be as it appears.
Who knows what sophistries have been
whispered in unwary ears?

IMG_5663Skype conversation on the night of the Blood Moon Eclipse, 9/28/15

[1AM] Judy: Isn’t it weird how in my photograph, the clouds seemed to form a moon shape around the moon?

[1:01 AM] okcforgottenman: OK here’s my prompt for tomorrow, “She cusped the bloated moon.”


17 thoughts on “3:08 AM (On the Night of the Blood Moon Eclipse)

      1. lifelessons Post author

        I am just as pleased by the funny and nutty comment as I was about your lovely comment on my rhyme, meter and meaning. I think funny and nutty is so necessary–today and always. I look for that in friends.

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  1. Dreamer of Dreams

    Your exquisite poem, its lilt and meter, its dream-quality and imagery, made me dream, and took me back to when I would sit over a book of Romantic poetry or 17th and 18th century poetry and simply dream.
    You are a rare poet in these modern times — someone who uses structure and meter to make sense, and lead the reader onto a journey. I confess I’ve forgotten how to do that — need to practise writing in rhymes again. Free verse is too tempting.

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      Your comment gave me chills–of a positive variety. Very touching, Dreamer, and I thank you. I wrote in free verse for most of my life from college on. Used to do rhymes for the fun of it with my mom–for funny cards for my dad or sisters. It was easy for her and for me, but then in college and afterwards it seemed to be necessary to write in free verse to be taken seriously. When I first did NaPowriMo and had to write a poem a day, it seemed impossible at first, but I found if I did rhymed and metered poetry it just sort of streamed out of me. I’ve been rather trapped into that now, but I’ve decided since I enjoy doing so, I will just do what we need to learn to do in retirement–exactly what we want to do so long as it doesn’t hurt anyone! So–long story almost over–I am very pleased at your commentary about my poetry. It is “viewers like you” (ha) who keep me on task. (Where did that term come from? I think from NPR and PBS donation drives.) — Judy

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      1. Dreamer of Dreams

        🙂 Thank you for sharing this aspect of your life!
        I’ve been meaning to do NaPoWriMo (did a tiny bit a little too late for it back in 2013, and wrote a poem a day all through April). It sounds challenging.
        You make it look easy.
        Lovely writing!


      2. lifelessons Post author

        Last year after I did it I decided to go on posting every day and now I’m addicted. Not always a poem. Sometimes an essay or story and always at least one photo prompt, but it is sort of a good way to “use up one’s life!” I’ve always wanted to have something to “do” with what I learn or see or hear, and art and writing fulfills that need.

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  2. Marilyn Armstrong

    I got a bunch of similar pictures one full moon night through the naked trees with a light cloud cover. They are very interesting pictures, as are yours. I tried messing with them using different colors.

    Lovely poem. How many people could intelligently use “sophistries” poetically?


    1. lifelessons Post author

      Marilyn, I saw your message and out of the corner of my eye saw “naked” below and before I read the sentence it was in, I imagined you naked, out photographing the moon!! ha.


  3. rogershipp

    “A donkey’s bray saws through my dream,
    opening sleep’s creaking door.
    Three hours slumber is not enough.
    I float the night in search of more.”

    I cracked up laughing…. That was last night’s sleep! Poetic, yet sadly true!



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