Confetti Eggs: Cees “Compose Yourself” Challenge

Confetti Eggs
If you are looking for color, Mexico has it no matter what your focal length is–from far and near. I couldn’t resist this pile of confetti eggs in the Ajijic plaza.  The idea is to break them over the head of a friend–not by throwing, but by getting him/her in closer focus and then crushing it over his/her head.  This creates a colorful friend and a big mess, so don’t try this at home, kids!

IMG_5265Part of focusing in is deciding what to focus in on from the larger scene.  Did I want the confetti to show?  Did I want the contrast of the eggs imprisoned in the plastic bag as opposed to those let free and then the futher freedom of the confetti that had already been released from its prison?

Version 2Or did I want to go with aesthetics over theme and just zoom in on the eggs and confetti alone?  We still have the theme of confinement vs. release, but just on two levels.  It did make for a more attractive photo without the bag, I think.

IMG_5266But if I came in closer and from a slightly different angle, might the bag work?  Not really, because now I’ve lost the confetti!

Version 3This was my final shot–in close so I lost most of everything but the eggs.  A bit of confetti showing, but losing the fluidity of the spill and pooling of the confetti.  Somehow, this shot seems too rigid.

All in all, although I usually prefer closeups, I think I like the third shot the best.  What do you think?  Any advice?

10 thoughts on “Confetti Eggs: Cees “Compose Yourself” Challenge

  1. MLou

    Wonderful color! I like the third shot better because of the more detail shown and also I love close-ups, too. The next choice would be yours, number two photo. Hugs


    1. lifelessons Post author

      Mary Lou, you must have read this the minute I posted, because I noticed I had written down 2 instead of 3 and changed it, so we are of a mind!! Thanks for commenting. Judy


  2. Cee Neuner

    I would go for 3 or 5. I like 5 because there is less confetti and is more my style of photo. Three is also very good because it shows more realistically what you saw initially without as much noise around it (i.e. the bag and counter).


    1. lifelessons Post author

      They blow the eggs, then fill them with confetti and blue a piece of paper over the end. You just crush one down on someone’s head and the confetti spills down over their head…



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