Beyond Forgiveness

                                                              Beyond Forgiveness
Version 5

The Prompt: Do you hold grudges or forgive and forget quickly?

With 18 people coming for lunch tomorrow, can you forgive me once again for sending you to an earlier poem I wrote on this same subject?  Go HERE to see my response!!!

4 thoughts on “Beyond Forgiveness

    1. lifelessons Post author

      I think it is beyond my abilities, too…ha. I’ve been moving furniture, setting tables, having P and Y bring chairs from studio and bedrooms and stored in laundry room. I feel like Goldilocks. Some are too big, some are too low to the ground–and finally I remembered my friend Audrey has folding chairs!!!! Which will be juuuuuust right! And she has exactly the number I need. Five! Just set up the bar on the terrace and pulled down the blue screen to block sunlight…have tables set. Cleared stuff off the two Islands so I can put dinner on one, desserts on the other. I can fit 8 at one table, 10 at another. It’s tight, but if everyone doesn’t exhale at the same time, we’ll make it! Think I’ll run get some new ferns to hang from my plumed serpent sculpture. Mine have not fared well during the construction.



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