Thanksgiving Leftovers

Thanksgiving Leftovers

IMG_8727Leftovers. (Except for the dessert we hadn’t dipped into yet in the background.)


I’ll make these turkey and dressing  leftovers into a casserole to freeze and take to my writers’ retreat at the beach next week.


IMG_8755 IMG_8759Thanksgiving Leftovers

Much as I loved your thankful wishes,
I wish that you had done the dishes!

Actually, I’m kidding.  Many asked to help and I said no, I’d listen to a book and attend to what I needed and Yolanda would wash the dishes the next day.  Darn.  I wish I’d remembered to save more dessert for her.  I kept telling people to take it because I didn’t want to eat it myself!  I did get her a bit of pumpkin and pecan pies and whipped cream.  Should have saved her a “little of everything.” 


Party in full swing. Too busy to get many pictures.


Party winding down.  Everyone had fun by the looks of it and brought wonderful food, as you saw in my last post. The party started at 2 and by 7:30, it was just I and three very happy dogs–let out of captivity.

Show me how you spent the day!!!!

11 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Leftovers

  1. prior2001

    The photo of the party winding down is one of my favorite images this week – in the reader the color and mood brought me in – funny but if had what felt like Mexican colors in a way – not sure why that came to mind – the fiesta feel and the blue and warms colors maybe. And did I read a writers retreat? Well that turkey dish should give you some nice writing energy – have fun! And our thanksgiving was nice – much smaller than your Royo – but we have come to appreciate the simpler thanksgiving after too many headaches traveling to see family – so about 8 years ago we just decided to stay put – we sometimes have other families join us and did travel for the 2013 thanksgiving – but really love how we adapted to our own tradition – anyhow -live your pics – have a good weekend

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      Hi Prior… thanks for your nice comment. I do live in Mexico so you are spot on. I’ve lived on Lake Chapala, an hour away from Guadalajara, for 14 years! I said I’d never have another large party, but kept thinking of people I wanted to invite. Many go to Puerto Vallarta or to family in the States for Thanksgiving, so I had a “Leftovers” party–i.e. those with nothing else planned.


  2. barbwit

    We copped out (wonder where that expression came from) and had the Thanksgiving feast at a local Pueblo Casino. And then went to the movies (with only about 6 other people). But, the leftovers, plus some meat from the turkey necks I got at the market, went into a pot pie – first use of our new oven – and sweet potatoes and peas, plus salad with nuts and pomegranate seeds (there are still 10 left on the tree, and the frost doesn’t seem to bother them).


  3. barbwit

    Meant to say I love your Mexican dishes; we have a couple of stores of that kind of stuff and we bought a replacement mug for me at one. The paint/glaze is so thick that a crack from the bottom to the top is only on the inside, the paint holding the cup together. It’s so pretty I hate to throw it away. And I love the red walls. So jolly.


    1. lifelessons Post author

      It is Talavera pottery. I love it, too. The new stuff is tougher and doesn’t chip, but I love my plates from 14 years ago, chipped as they are! Every one is different. Post a picture of yours!! Every room in my house is a different color, and every archway as well. My kitchen has 5 different colors in it. It is like living inside an L.S.D. trip, I would imagine. Never had the nerve, so I’m creating my own! Thanks for your comment, Barb.

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