Internet Infraction: Bogged Down in Blog

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Internet Infraction: Bogged Down in Blog

The only way I’d ever stop
is flagged down by a cyber cop
who says my blogging cannot last
if I continue to go so fast.
He’d give a lecture and a ticket
and then he’d actually stick it
across my screen with strict instruction
to cease this method of destruction.

If life had meant us to go on line
hour after hour––eight or nine
hours or more day after day,
with always one more thing to say,
why would it give us legs to go
and feet to walk on, heel to toe?

Day after day, it’s grown obscene––
my eyes plastered upon my screen,
my fingers stiff with my attention
over what I might next mention––
fingers drumming, tapping, bending
all the while sending sending––
typing out, first fast then slow
my life as a reality show.

Until I wonder if I log
its details daily on my blog
because I want to recall life––
its joys and sorrows, pleasures, strife––
or do I only move about
to give me something to write about???

My friends all say this can’t go on.
I’m growing flaccid, weak and wan.
I need some exercise and sun––
some movies, dancing or other fun
aside from snapping pictures of
each bougainvillea or mourning dove.

Life’s meant to live, not to record.
It should be shouted, screamed or roared––
not typed out softly on the keys
of a laptop spread out on my knees!
The truth of this I’ve clearly seen
now that this sticker obscures my screen.
“Do not remove” it clearly reads,
“Go live your life! Go do some deeds!”

I’ll put on sneakers and do some laps.
I’ll exercise ‘til I collapse,
then do more laps around the pool
‘til I’m an exercising fool.
I’ll call twelve friends up on the phone.
I’ll never ever be alone.
I’ll live my life until its end
without a single blogging friend!

My dedication will never lapse;
and yet, how temptingly it gaps–
that sticker, unstuck at its edge
so easy now to pick and wedge
my fingernail beneath and tug,
to drop its shreds upon the rug
and free my screen of its obstruction––
this taboo not of my construction.

To push the button, light up the screen––
to see its colors from red to green.
Black words on white, Cee’s daily flower––
no longer do I pine and cower.
I peck the keys, upload some pics––
once more getting my daily fix.
The truth of modern life leaks in.
To blog is not a major sin!
I’ll give up blogging, become a rover
precisely when Hell freezes over!!!


The Prompt––Bloggers, Unplugged: Sometimes, we all need a break from these little glowing boxes. How do you know when it’s time to unplug? What do you do to make it happen?

26 thoughts on “Internet Infraction: Bogged Down in Blog

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  3. barbwit

    I have just realized why I am addicted to blogging – because I can talk to someone, and someone sometimes talks to me. My dear PA loves me and I him, but – dare I say it – he doesn’t like to chat! And sometimes when I have some tidbit I want to share and start, Darling, he gets that “What now?” look. Or “Please don’t read out the adverts to me” or the typos in the book I’m reading, or that funny sign we just passed. So thank you bloggers for being there for me. At least I don’t know if you have tuned me out.

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  4. Gerry Charb

    Twas the weeks before Christmas
    And all thru the home
    Not an Ipad was stirring
    Not even a roam
    The cell phones were charging
    Their face plates aglow
    Hoping they’d not miss
    A caller they know
    On this dark winter morning
    As I sat in my chair
    I thought I heard outside
    A beep or a blare
    The house was so quiet
    I could not believe
    The quiet so amazing
    No calls to receive
    And so I decided
    On this very day
    To not overly panic
    If no calls came my way
    I finally resolved
    With Judy to agree
    To ignore all the clatter
    My tech gadgets sent me
    And taking this moment
    To spread Christmas cheer
    WIshing you all a good holiday
    Aad a Happy New Year
    If you don’t go electronic
    It’s truly all right
    Santa will still find you
    His GPS works well at night. 🙂

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  5. Leland Olson Hoel

    We all shall blog on till we drop, or until Hell freezes over, or there is a cyber meltdown. Shame on me, slap my face, for even considering that might be possible. I COULD RAISE BLOGGING PIGEONS, and be rich after all!


  6. barb witemeyer

    Hi, Judy (and Gerry), I know what it’s like – my computer was in the shop for two days and I really felt lost without it. (Did anyone miss me?) But – oh joy! – it was having Windows 10 removed. The operation was successful and I’m now back in good old Windows 7. But I forgot to ask them to slow down the touch pad or whatever is making my typing jump all over the page. One of these days I’ll just leave it as it comes and you all can figure out what I was trying to type. You have been warned.
    Happy Hols, everyone.

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