Another Mexican Xmas

                                            Another Mexican Xmas

Wanted to share another beautiful tree.  This time it is the tree of my friends Harriet and Paul.

IMG_9521 (1)

16 thoughts on “Another Mexican Xmas

    1. lifelessons Post author

      Paul is a wonderful photographer and Harriet a member of my women’s writing group and a longtime friend. Their home is beautiful, I agree. Wish I could get them both into blogging!


  1. barbwit

    H came into the room just in time to see the tree, and he asked why it was a fir and not the poinsetta one (“not a Mexican tree”) – such a purist! I love the raven on the mantlepiece. Gaagee in Navajo, which uses onomatopieia for many of their animal names.


    1. lifelessons Post author

      I love that raven as well. I believe Paul carved it. I know that he carved one of them. They have some metal ones as well. I’ll ask. I am going to post a pic of a huge tree made entirely of red dried chiles and poinsettias..You can tell H.

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