Not a Baboon, but Sorta Like a Baboon!!! One Word Photo Challenge

Not a Baboon, but Sorta Like a Baboon!!!daily life color111 (1)We saw this mama and baby at the Monkey Palace in Ubud, Bali.  At first I didn’t even notice the baby, it was plastered so close to its mom’s protective body.
IMG_1074Camera Ready!!!

IMG_1073Camera Shy!!!IMG_1094

11 thoughts on “Not a Baboon, but Sorta Like a Baboon!!! One Word Photo Challenge

  1. Leland Olson Hoel

    I just love your “Not a Baboon, but Sorta Like a Baboon!!!”

    My assignment for day three is to contact five others bloggers who are on my Reader. So I hope this counts as one of the five I need for my assignment.

    I don’t know a lot about Baboons but I think they are probably, fairly closely related to my dad’s side of the family. You can’t judge a person just by appearances. I’m going by from what I’ve heard through the years, the different foreign languages etc..

    I hope this finds you enjoying your New Year and are enjoying good health, I know you’re enjoying all of your beautiful surroundings there in Mexico especially enjoying the weather.

    It has been cold and nasty for about a week, we dare not go out of the house without joining some type of skating club. I’m too old to start messing around with broken bones, like to stay home and try to figure out how to keep on blogging.
    Have a good one bye for now.

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  2. Pekebun

    Beautiful pics. The face of mama baboon has such a sad touch. Look at those eyes, it’s like she’s saying “I’ve got anak with me, don’t hurt us, please.”


    1. lifelessons Post author

      Actually those monkeys terrorized me. Grabbed my purse so next time I went with nothing but postcards and a pen to write while I watched them. One big male came over and mugged me for the postcards, took a big bite through them all and threw them down on the ground. The kids were thrilled to get postcards with monkey bites on them!!!

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