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Hummingbird Moth Caterpillar: One Word Photo Challenge: Insect

I’ve been waiting to use these photos snapped a couple of weeks ago.  I am fascinated by hummingbird moth caterpillars ( also known as hornworms or tomato hornworms) and in spite of the fact that I’ve been taking photos of their different stages for 16 years, I’ve still never seen a moth! Unfortunately, these fellows make a terrific mess on my patio table or I’d leave them alone. You can see the large brown pellets they leave in two of the photos, and caterpillar poop on my patio table is just not a pleasant prospect. As it is, Pasiano goes on a Virginia creeper safari whenever we see evidence of them, then puts them down on the lot below me. I even found one myself this year! They are outer space-looking, don’t you agree? They are all different stages of the same caterpillar. Click first photo to enlarge all. You won’t be sorry. They are fascinating creatures.

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For the Insect challenge.

“We Were Framed!” One Word Photo Challenge: Frame

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Art We Walk On: One Word Photo Challenge, Floor

I love the found art in my world here in Mexico.  This lovely triptych was found on a vegetable vendor’s concrete floor next to the framers where I went to pick up some framed art work.  How many generations of feet were complicit in creating this lovely collage of colors?


My Life with Cats

I was walking by my friend Isidro’s studio/gallery one day when I saw these little paws sticking out from under his door.  Very shortly thereafter, this little boy came by and the rest of the story took place.  So touching.  He knew right where to stick his finger in the kitty’s underside of his paw to bring obvious pleasure to his friend.  Had to add a shot of my kitty Annie as well..waiting on the wall to be fed.  I think more photos will follow, but I have to catch a plane now..See you later.


One Word Photo Challenge: Candid

I love this shot. How could she look any happier with her day? There is obviously something up there that everybody’s a bit interested in, but strange that every person or group is looking in a different direction–but all up!  This is on a boat–a concert excursion that was a fundraiser to send a little girl to music camp in the States.  She got home today.  Can’t wait to hear how it went.



This candid shot was taken at an open mike.  I love the effect of the sun shining through the plastic wall behind him, creating a scrim effect  and revealing the lush growth outside.

IMG_6419 (1)

This little girl looks like she’s being held in a vise grip! Those letters spelling out “Chapala” near the pier make for a great photo opportunity.



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