Master of Education


Master of Education

I happen to have my degree
in learning styles one through three.
We learn by what we hear or see
or experientially.

Hands on, hearing about, viewing?
My best learning style is doing.
Hearing, reading?  Not so much.
I prefer the sense of touch.

My own fingers on the clay
are how I choose to spend the day.
I can’t learn to cut or glue
by sitting here and watching you.

Since I lack sense of direction,
I’ll never find your intersection
if I’ve just seen it as a rider.
I need experience that’s wider.

Everything under the sun
that I witness being done
I have to do myself to learn.
I don’t retain without my turn.

So if I want to learn to bake,
I’ll only duplicate that cake
if you let me sift the flour,
bake the cake and stack the tower,

mix the icing and smooth it on,
then sample it until it’s gone.
Far better, then, than sound or view––
to make my cake and eat it, too!


The prompt: What is your learning style?

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