No Perfection in the Universe

If my bedroom were to open onto the beach side of my rental, this would be my early morning scene:

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The only sounds I would hear? Gulls, the wash of waves on the shore, Bobino’s mute plea to be fed. But, in fact, my bedroom window which must be kept open for circulation, faces onto the street and at 8 o’clock, my reality is this:

No Perfection in the Universe

After only four hours’ sleep,
my slumber should be sound and deep;
but very early in the day,
mufflers seem to be passé.

My window opens to the street
to try to beat the daily heat,
so the sounds of ATV’s
enter freely with the breeze.

When motorcycles rev and roar
just outside my bedroom door
and trucks come rumbling two by two––
there is nothing I can do

but grab my computer and write my blog
when I should be sleeping like a log.
It’s true I might be way less surly
if I got to bed more early,

but you see it’s not to be
for when the bars all close at three
the motorcycles are just as loud
their drivers young and motor-proud.

They shout and roar and spin their wheels.
Their music beats and thumps and peals
as they do one pass or more
right outside my bedroom door.

Outside the other side of my rental
all the sounds are elemental.
The surf’s loud roar is more relaxing,
but here the engine roars are taxing!

So when you picture my vacation,
just think of the daily ration
of engine angst that I confess
and perhaps you’ll envy less.

The parade of mufflerless motorcycles, cars and revving trucks begins at eight a.m.  Here is one minute of traffic passing in front of my house.  The blue wall with the open door and window is mine.

(Click on first picture, then on arrows to enlarge photos and view.When you’ve viewed all 11 pictures, click on X on upper left of your screen to return to my posting.)

13 thoughts on “No Perfection in the Universe

  1. lincahceria5

    I also hear motorcycle everyday but there are times when it’s quiet and I enjoy those times. Oh, I sometimes ruin the quietness by playing some music videos in YouTube.


    1. Anonymous

      Judy, maybe this is a time for ‘sleeping outside the box’ – that porch would be a really nice place to sleep – it’s covered, fresh air, sound of the waves all night…hmmm…you’ve got my interest now.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Anonymous

    Hi Judy, My comment, above , wasn’t meant to be anonymous, as I had filled in the email address, but I guess I forget to fill in my name – and ironically, my anonymous comment was ‘liked’ by Roger Schipp – the man who bought a piece of art from me at the Art Walk! I wonder how he happened to be on your blog – maybe he and Karen had visited your display, too…? Oh, it’s a small world! OK, now I’ll post this, and see if I am still anonymous.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. lifelessons Post author

      Yes.. I don’t know who “Someone” is. That’s all I see. I think the email info is for WordPress as I never see anything but the comments..So, would love to know who you are.


        1. lifelessons Post author

          Really? You want to? We had a intruder last night. He/she reached over the bamboo gate and undid locks, climbed over the locked gate to the spiral staircase, went upstairs but didn’t take anything from porch/kitchen… There was nothing to take but beer in fridge which was untouched. Bedrooms were locked so he/she went down stairs and left door at bottom of stairs open when he/she left. I’d just swept the porch and there were big sandy footprints everywhere he/she had walked.


  3. Carol Lopez

    Intruder? That would make a difference all right…might not get such a restful sleep knowing there are intruders prowling…hmmm – or maybe I would be like a guard? I’m pretty fierce, you know.


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