In Debt to the Vet

I guess if the building of the bodoga (formerly known as the doggie domain) didn’t prove it, the fact that I’ve been treated by a doctor twice this year and both times it was a vet will prove that my life has gone to the dogs!  Granted, Diego didn’t mean to do it, but when the vet tried to remove a drain he’d put in his side when he stitched up a 3 inch by 1 inch tear in Diego’s side, Diego reacted and how and I just happened to be the one holding him down when he decided to escape from his muzzle and take off for the door with my foot in the way.  I don’t know what his toenail cut, but I was spurting purple blood and so attention to Diego ceased for a few minutes while they gave me iodine-soaked gauze to wipe it with and bandaged it.

I think perhaps the fault for the gash in Diego’s side can be attributed to a long extension ladder left in the grass by the painters and an overzealous play session with Morrie.  The ladder has now been hidden away.  We couldn’t find any other possibility of a sharp object anywhere outside the house and within the walls.

Because I am vain when it comes to having pictures taken of me, (who isn’t?) I wish he at least had damaged my one remaining “pretty” foot, but alas, it is the one the foot surgeon “ruint.” Now I’ll never be asked to be a foot model.

Here are those wounded in battle so far this week:

(Click for an enlarged view of the damage!)

Here’s another link to the Doggie Domaine story if you didn’t catch it above:
Here’s a link to another Doggie Domaine story if you didn’t follow it from the first one:

There are two more stories, but you are probably already thinking this lady is over the top if you’ve read the first two, so I’ll spare you.  I think there are links to them on the other posts, anyway.

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14 thoughts on “In Debt to the Vet

  1. Marilyn Armstrong

    I think of dogs as the adventure part of our life. They certainly add a layer of “unexpected” to life. So far, no injuries, but LOTS of close calls. The dogs’ yard is completely empty. There is NOTHING in it except dirt and crabgrass (and not much crabgrass). We have learned, over the years, that anything is a hazard. No matter what it is. We have gates. We have fences. The whole house is designed as dog-friendly. It’s actually easier for all of us that way.


    1. lifelessons Post author

      Ha. I’ve built so many gates that my house is a bit like a lock system on a canal. There are 5 different areas of confinement. Also walls around the whole yard. Recently Yolanda claimed Morrie jumped up onto a 5 foot high wall and down to the lot next door which is probably 15 feet down from the top of the wall, since my house is built on the side of a mountain. I’m skeptical about this actually happening, wondering if he just didn’t sneak out when one or another worker came in, but I’m now considering making that wall even higher. As for the ladder–just placed there that day––I guess as with kids, there is no way to account for every little accident that can happen. But yes, we can keep trying.


  2. Allenda Moriarty

    Your poor little tootsie! Waaah! Did the vet have to sedate you, or put one of those big collars on your neck so you wouldn’t bite him when he was doctoring you? Don’t let anyone step on your toe when you are out dancing tonight!

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  3. kimbawhite

    One of our cats did a superfeline, adrenaline charged launch off my chest as I carried him the short distance from the car across to the vet. His fear made him dig one of his sharp claws into my chest leaving me with a gash that bled profusely and left an inch long scar visible for all to see!

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