No Free Ride in Mexico: Cuota Road to the Beach

The “Freeways” of Mexico are anything but free.  Yes, there are free roads, but they are generally twisty, two-lane and frequently not too safe.  In Mexico, what we think of as freeways are actually toll (or cuota – pronounced “quota”) roads.  They are not cheap, but they are multi-laned, divided, well-maintained and generally safe, although this trip presented one unique potential danger not often found in the U.S. unless you happen to live in the northwest.

Click on the first photo and then the arrows to enlarge photos and see the story told in their captions.

6 thoughts on “No Free Ride in Mexico: Cuota Road to the Beach

  1. Marilyn Armstrong

    Even in the U.S., Freeways are, as often as not, toll roads. I think the free probably means “once you pay the toll, you are free to drive quickly to the next booth and pay again.”

    Not every road has its own volcano, of course. That’s a definite bonus. Depending on lava flow and wind direction, of course.



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