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Numbers and Letters


Cee’s prompt was to post photos of letters and numbers.  Letters were the easiest to come by, but there are a few numbers in there as well.  Click on photos to enlarge.


Looking Down on Things

My favorite thing to do is to look down, Cee!  Thanks for this prompt.



Cat Nap

Cat Nap


I chanced upon this scene when I came back to the guest room, where I am sleeping tonight hoping it will be less asthma-provoking than my room has been lately. It looked so cozy, I hated to disturb it.  I have another confession to make.  I bought this cat made of papier mache newsprint in PV.  It was made by an artist who would not reduce the pretty pricey price because he was selling them in galleries so couldn’t undercut them.  I actually bought it for my friend but when I saw it in my new guest room I decided to keep it.  I felt guilty about this while she was here. I had installed it cozily on the bed in the room where she slept.  Imagine my delight when I pointed it out after a few days, surprised she hadn’t mentioned it, and she made a rather disparaging comment about it.  Relief!  I was thinking if she was crazy about it I’d have to give it up to her.  She is a cat lady, I should add, of the first order.  So, I sent her back to her real cats and she let me keep my hypoallergenic cat. I’m sleeping with it tonight.


Shoots and Ladders: Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge

Click on first photo to enlarge all.

When my neighbors’ gardener leaned over my wall to cut the main stems of the vines that swathed my fifteen-year-old palm tree, and the entire wall beside my house, it made for a lot of work and expense to cut and remove the vine that weeks before had been a lush verdant green covered with blue thunbergia flowers. It took four truckloads to haul it away. Good fences do not always make good neighbors.


This is what the vine looked like before its demise!!

Cee has a prompt series going that involves titles for children’s games. This week’s topic is “Chutes and Ladders.”  Actually, a game I’ve never played!! Afraid I interpreted the prompt as a homonym rather than verbatim.


Give a bunch of kids a bunch of feathers and just look what they come up with!!!


Pearly Whites: Cee’s Fun foto Challenge, Smiles 2016/08/02


You’ve seen all these before, but not together.  I love how distinctive each person’s smile is and these are some of my favorites.