Froggy Weather


Froggy Weather

Fog reaches out its fingers and reaches out its toes
to prod and follow everywhere the British nation goes.
Then when it gives up teasing them, sun does not come again.
Fog merely slips aside a bit to make room for the rain.

So button up your raincoat. Invest in rubber boots.
During rainy season, fog and rain are in cahoots
to confuse your direction and make your going tough
and dampen down your spirits if your wet clothes aren’t enough.

Pea soup in November moves in thick and tight––
not solving any hunger. Feeding no appetite.
And when rain comes to join it, they make a dismal pair––
soaking up your stockings and limping down your hair.

So if you live in London in Knightsbridge or Picadilly,
it isn’t very practical, in fact its downright silly
to go without galoshes or a GPS when walking
when rain commences soaking you and fog takes up its stalking.

If you’ve set your mind today to visit Scarborough Fair,
it will not be enough to wear some flowers in your hair.
You’d better wear a rain bonnet and tie it good and tight
So parsley sage and rosemary don’t share your soggy plight,

take a big umbrella to protect your provender
lest paper bags you carry prove too soggy  and too tender
to serve the use they’ve earlier served in months less wet and boggy.
There’s no other solution when London life turns froggy!

You’ll mow down little old ladies and run into a rector
while wandering lost through  rain and fog in an unknown sector.
So though you seek to sightsee or merely walk your Lab,
believe it when I say to you, it’s best to take a cab.

9 thoughts on “Froggy Weather

  1. hirundine608

    I find it peculiar how Britain is associated with rain. A costal country, for sure. The weather patterns have changed since 1950’s when indeed it did seem like rain, rain and more rain. The fogs were legendary; thanks to a coal burning nation. Since then much has changed. The fronts roll in, then they move out. Each one takes about 5 hours to pass. It is windy, more than rainy. For a country that is further north than the 48th parallel. Weather wise, it is surprisingly benign in the weather department. Most of the time …. obviously for those living in the flood plain, it may seem different? Cheers Jamie.

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      1. hirundine608

        We call B.C. the Wet Coast too. A parody on West Coast. Sometimes people say the Left Coast, also. Does it rain as much as alluded to? Nope, … but don’t tell the rest of the country. Or it will become even more crowded.


  2. hirundine608

    Some years are worse than others. Usually depending on the time of year, it may be predicted. While it may seem the world’s weather is changing? Blamed on global warming. Yet also, the other planets in our system are also undergoing climate change. Even so much of our local climates have changed. Whether through CO2 or or because the sun, our star, or as our system enters the Ort cloud. Seeing the climate record for the last thousand years, or so. It may be seen we go through different phases from warmer to cooler, then back again.

    Dr. Foster went to Gloucester, in a shower of rain. He stepped into a puddle right up to his middle [muddle] and never went there again. Cheers Jamie.


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