Every Child’s a Child of All

Every Child’s a Child of All

Though some of them are ill-begotten,
our childhoods cannot be forgotten.
Filled with love or merely fuss,
still, they are what started us.
Those in their good fortune who
got to the front of childhood’s queue
happy and content and loving
without undue stress or shoving
need to thank each lucky star
that they’ve turned into who they are.

For there are children born in stress––
to poverty or loneliness.
They live next door  in every land,
unguided by parental hand.
Born carelessly into this world,
inside of each, a self lies curled
needing  care to help it grow
from shadows into sunlight’s glow.
These children belong to us all
so if you hear them, heed their call.

There are so many different ways
to parent them–with smiles or praise.
Share what gifts you have to share.
Each child is valuable and rare,
although, it’s true, they may not know it,
help them find a way to show it.
Teach them, praise them, love them, show
each child you meet the way to go.
For, in places tame or wild,
It takes a village to raise a child.

Send a Kid To Camp

Music               Art               Dance              Mask-making               Storytelling


This year Campamento Estrella will again be held on July 25-30 for 30 children (age 9-12) from San Juan Cosala, the village where I live. (For those of you unversed in Spanish, “Campamento Estrella” means “Camp Star,” for it is our belief that every child is a star.) The photos shown above are from last year’s camp, which was a smash hit. This year we will be stessing kind treatment of animals, town history, serving the pueblo and personal hygiene and ethics.  These themes will be dealt with through the activities listed above as well as  interaction with town elders and young adults from the pueblo who can serve as excellent role models to the children.

We are currently seeking donations to cover the cost of art supplies, food, equipment rental, camp T-shirts and the salaries of the young Mexican camp counselors. We greatly appreciate donations in any amount.

Donations may  be made via Paypal to jeredepaul@yahoo.com 

If you live in the Ajijic area, donations may be made at Diane Pearl’s, Viva Mexico Restaurant in San Juan Cosala or by contacting Judy Dykstra-Brown at jubob2@hotmail.com (387 761-0281), Audrey Zikmund at az62343@gmail.com (766 106-0821) or Jere Fyvolent at jeredepaul@yahoo.com. (387-761- 0813.)

The camp will culminate with a dance performance by camp participants as well as performances by the San Juan Children’s Orchestra and Chorus and the Ajijic Ukulele group at 3-5 p.m. on Saturday, July 30 at Viva Mexico. Please call 387 761-1058 for table reservations if you wish to attend that performance. They will be serving from their regular menu. Admission to the show is free, but any donations to help fund next year’s camp will be gratefully accepted. Next year we hope to include a second week of camp in El Chante. Why not set up a camp of your own.  There are children waiting to become stars everywhere on earth!!!


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