True or False?

True or False?

If every question had an answer clear as yes or no,
and we could more easily know the status quo,
life would not be so puzzling. The answers would be clear
about how we should run our lives. There would be less to fear.

In matters of importance, like college choice or major,
there would be less pondering and mistakes made, I’ll wager.
Our choice of whom to marry and everything we do
could be laid out on paper, put clearly in our view.

No more “to be or not to be.” No more mental maybes
when it comes to our decisions over houses, pets or babies.
Life would be just a check list labeled ” false or true”
with no equivocating over what to do.

The infinite variety of choices we now face
that have us always questioning at a faster pace
would be a simple matter—clear cut with no debate—
an indisputable right or wrong about whom we should date.

The lines would grow much longer for every “true” or “yes”
with all the “nos” and “falses”  left lonely, I would guess.
With all things predetermined and all things black and white,
there would be just two choices over what was wrong or right.

No more essay questions. Each decision plain and clear.
At every choice we’d know exactly which way we should steer.
No doubt life would be simpler and easier in its scoring,
but I am also pretty sure that it would be more boring!

9 thoughts on “True or False?

  1. janebasilblog

    I think I was in my late teens before I realised that people don’t suddenly have all the answers, know what the best choice is, and always make the right decision, once they reach adulthood. It came as a nasty shock 🙂


  2. Christine Goodnough

    Interesting thoughts to ponder. I can see various angles to this one, because at times we do tend to stress and confuse ourselves by mulling over other answers that suit our whims rather than taking the one that we may well know is right. And I’ve found once I start opening doors to other possibilities there seem to be no end — which brings agonizing decisions where I could have had peace of mind. As in, “Just say NO.”

    Take, for example, the fellow who went down to the pier one day, where he saw a beautiful young woman and instantly fell in love with her. So he divorced his wife and married this lady. Had he shut the door to that possibility in the first place, he’d have avoided a lot of stress for all concerned. And since there’s always a new beautiful young thing coming along, the decision is apt to come up again and again.

    We like options, but I do believe marketing has catered to confusion by offering us so many. For example, if you have ten choices of blue house paint you have a lot less agonizing and stress over the decision than when you have 110 paint samples to choose from. And of course if houses are always painted white, there’s no decision at all. Boring, right? 😉

    I talked with a man once who, when asked about some choices he’d made, told me he’d never made a choice in his life. (Never?!) No, the answer was always clear to him. Career? He just knew he’d become a doctor. Spouse? He never doubted which girl he should marry. Location? No question; he knew where he wanted to have his practice and which house was for them. He felt he should write a book and so he did. He was doing exactly what he wanted and enjoying life, not bored at all. However, I doubt I’ll ever meet another person who’s had such an easy time as this. We sure haven’t!

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      Christine.. The thing I like best about writing is where it leads (or boots) the minds of others. I always enjoy hearing your thoughts on the topic or topics raised!!


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