Macro Moments Challenge, Week 5


For some reason, this detail of a fisherman’s net won out over other favorite closeups. It was taken with my Nikon Coolpix S33 camera shortly before it bit the dust when I mistakenly dipped the lens in sea water while trying to photograph a jellyfish.  My cameras have had a shelf life of from one to two years lately, but they live a good and busy life in the interim.

13 thoughts on “Macro Moments Challenge, Week 5

  1. Relax...

    I love the fishing net macro! As for Nikon CoolPix, I think I may have the original digital model. Pretty sure it’s about 16 years old! I’m waiting for it to die, but not even falling off daughter’s moving car onto pavement did it in. I just, um, have to duct tape the battery compartment door shut since then! (The camera and its 30-second video option still works beautifully.) Were you unable to upload the jellyfish shot?


    1. lifelessons Post author

      I have a Canon point and shoot now. The secret is to set on the furthest focus and then bring the camera as close to the object as possible. Perhaps someone has a better trick. I don’t read instructions so just experiment. I know. Saner to read the book but time is short and I prefer to flounder


  2. zainabzarrar

    I’m not much of a photographer but I do like taking pictures now and then from my phone camera. I had my pen and phone in my pocket the other day, and I sat down, and the pen pushed its way into the camera and broke the lenses. It was a tragic moment



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