“I’m Rubber, You’re Glue.”

Momshieb always hits the nail right on the head–giving us truth and entertainment at the same time. I had to reblog this.

Empty Nest, Full Life

If you’ve been watching or reading about the American presidential election for the past year or so, you will no doubt have noticed that one candidate is acting more like a child than a world leader.

Naturally, I mean no disrespect to children, but you know know what I mean.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has made a name for himself by acting like every elementary school’s playground bully. He insults people, he swears in public, he threatens violence against everyone he dislikes.

He pretends to be more powerful than he really is, and expects everyone around him to grand him the same level of worship that he grants to himself.

Some of his quotes are beyond unbelievable. When asked by a journalist whether he honestly considered it proper to praise the dictator Vladimir Putin, Trump said:

“If he says great things about me, I’ll say great things about him.”

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5 thoughts on ““I’m Rubber, You’re Glue.”

  1. Charlie@Seattle Trekker

    I grew up in the world of “seperate-but-equal”, where the John Birch Society, and the Klan where active. As a child in Illinois I was witness to the open casket and funeral of Emmitt Till so I know the true damage that the dark side of our community is capable of committing.


  2. hirundine608

    I am not entirely sure Mr. Trump actually believes his own rhetoric? After all, his speeches are written by others. Oh yeah, I expect he vets them prior to delivery? Even so, it seems they are designed to trigger responses from the generally uneducated. at the voting booth. The previous commentator here makes a good point , about the darker side, etc.

    Regardless, I hope that people are not pushed to the Democrat side because of that? For death follows Ms. Clinton, like a magnet. Her lust for power sees her lying about her email server, etc.

    Overall a bad scenario for the American people. I wonder how many will hold their nose and vote for the Johnson-Weld ticket?



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