Spending Time


Spending Time

What do you value most, my friend? What carries you through life?
Have you friends and children? A husband or a wife?
If what we find of value in all the world contains
all we carry with us when youth and vigor wanes,
would you choose a portrait of all that you have had
that points your view toward happier times as the world turns sad,
or would you choose a camera that points you at the world––
all these younger lives than yours, about to come unfurled?
Whatever gives us life at first, then takes it all away
really only gives us what we have today
to value and make use of. So I want to be bolder,
looking straight ahead of me and not over my shoulder.
Though every hour has value, and every second in it,
the only time we have to spend is the coming minute.

The prompt word today is “value.”

9 thoughts on “Spending Time

  1. Anton Wills-Eve

    btw re your poem, just learned a few days ago that my eldest daugter Francesca, by my 1st wife Lucia who died when we were both 24, recently had twin grandchildren – one of each, Lucia & Marco. No drs or huge medical insurance will stop me flying to my 1st great grand chidrens’ Christenings in Perugia. 🙂 A

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  2. Allenda

    Loved this one in its entirety! Right now enjoying the present moment,just out of the shower, flopped on my bed, smelling the brownies I baked for Owen’s birthday celebration here in a bit. As I was making them I remembered that I was going to bake some for you and Duckie when you were here, but somehow neglected to make them. Next time! As for the future, I can’t wait to get back to work on a watercolor of tulips from the yard that I started last week. Love to mix past, present and future into a delightful indulgence. As I was writing this , Spellcheck offered up frightful as I was typing delightful. Cancel, cancel.

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      Ha! That’s a poem in itself. Frida and I just went out photographing the rushing waters from the terrific rain we had this morning and the tromba we had night before. Saw 7 waterfalls from below. Took her for her first solo ice cream cone. She devoured it. Then for a walk on the malecon. She is the best she’s been in years thanks to modern meds.
      I need some.



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