Election Night and RBBB


Election Night and RBBB

The world is broken.
Even the little dogs cry out in sleep.
The darkness drops its tears
on the tile roof
and my heart misfires,
its electric messages
out of their normal path
and back again, trying to establish
some order.


I am heartsick tonight, both literally and figuratively

21 thoughts on “Election Night and RBBB

      1. lifelessons Post author

        I’ll have an echo test in two weeks and know better. I’m making up food charts and checking all labels and internet to check sodium and sugar and trying to limit food intake alot. Hopefully this will help. I guess some are born with this so it could be something I’ve had my whole life but the shortness of breath and sllght dizziness are new over the past few months. It just increases chances of stroke and heart attack. I’ll do what I can. I already exercise six times more than the minimum amount required, so that is good. Going to have to change my cooking habits a good deal. More fresh tomatoes, fewer purees and pastes, etc. It is an eye-opener checking foods for sodium. I knew bottled dressings and sauces were high, but man…easy to use your entire sodium count in one meal. Giving away lots of foodstuffs. Even bran is high in sodium. Also, the meds my former dr. gave me were doing me no good at all as they are only used as a catalyst for another medicine he hadn’t prescribed. Really glad I saw a cardiologist. Lesson to all. Don’t wait. When your friends pressure you to go right now, listen to them. Thanks, Audrey, Marti and Patty!

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      2. janebasilblog

        It’d good to see your doing all you can to minimise risk to yourself, but what a pain for you.
        Keep taking the best care of yourself. Im not around much at the moment, but I’ll be checking in now and again. xxx

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      3. lifelessons Post author

        Thanks, Jane. I won’t be here much for next four days as I’m a coordinator at the huge Mexican arts and crafts fair we hold here every year. Artisans from all over Mexico. Very cool but a lot of work.

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      I didn’t go to the election party I was going to go to. Stayed home without listening to returns. I just depended on forgottenman to let me know at the end whether the news was bad or good. I hope he is feeling better today. He was despondent last night, as was I. I think this equals the twin tower incident in casting a pall over the nation–or at least nearly half of it.



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