Christmastime Construction Blues

Christmastime Construction Blues

Two weeks of this insanity,
computer balanced on my knee,
desk packed under a canopy
with all I own? A tragedy!

Two weeks of the cacophony
of saw and chisel harmony.
Two weeks since I’ve been tile-dust-free,
yet still the end I do not see.

I lay here in a reverie,

dreaming of my Christmas tree,
but I fear it will never be
with all this mess surrounding me.

Chafing with the indignity,
I call my contractor, but he
merely tells me “I fear we
must order more tile,”—a travesty!

In boxes are a panoply
of ornaments from A to Z,
yet this year I fear they’ll not be
hung on any Christmas tree!

The prompt word today was “panoply.”

(Click on first photo to enlarge all and see captions.)

3 thoughts on “Christmastime Construction Blues

  1. hirundine608

    Hi Remi, in the words of the ubiquitous bumper sticker, Stay calm, breathe, etc.

    A nice poem and I feel sure, you’re not as panicked as the poem would make us believe. I can’t remember when I stopped doing all the xmas stuff? A good ten years ago, for sure. It’s a happier time not doing it.

    Often, when out, I shake my head at the temporary insanity December brings. I buy my grandson, two gifts for his birthday. Tell my son why he gets two. That’s about it.When he’s a little older he will only get the one on his anniversary.

    For the last ten years, maybe? I turn off the TV and find my own amusement. I don’t do any special foods and on a couple of occasions, I did succumb to a big bottle of hootch. Then got pleasantly drunk at home with my cat who was still living. He, didn’t care! Cheers Jamie.

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