Conundrum II

Allenda asked for another conundrum and at 3 a.m., rather than sleep, I decided to attempt another one.  Here it is. I’ve given the answer at the very end of the comments, so those of you who still want to guess won’t receive any spoilers.  Go ahead and guess in comments if you wish because there are enough comments that it won’t spoil it for anyone else now unless they choose to know.

Conundrum II

To hear of it, you’d think it’s made
to come to Louie Armstrong’s aid.
Yet it plays no music, surprisingly­­––
the lips not where it’s meant to be.

It has a tongue that does not talk.
Sounds like it should, but does not walk.
Although it helps out one that does,
it never leaves the room because

it has no means of a conveyance,
keeps your frustration in abeyance
so you can walk both tall and proud
though for itself, it’s not allowed.

What is it?

40 thoughts on “Conundrum II

    1. lifelessons Post author

      Now that a number of people have guessed it, (I’ve been deleting their answers so others may go on guessing) I’ll tell you that the answer is a shoe horn! The first stanza is the “horn” part, the rest relates to the shoe part. If there are any clues you still don’t see the relevance of, just ask and I’ll explain. Thanks for playing.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. lifelessons Post author

        Just sat down for first time. Other than posting, I’ve had zero time..I’ve painted bathroom, removed silitre and done 3 applications, now need to paint again, decorated Xmas tree, been sorting sorting sorting, throwing away, storing again. Trying to get house together before company arrives in 3 days. Today a carpenter here to take kitchen island to repair, redo cabinets in bathroom and doggie domain. Crazy around here. That’s the only reason I haven’t been reading blogs.. but about to do so. I know how it is when you love writing something and then no one responds! Sorry these two big events collided. Not because I dont’ enjoy your work. I always look for it immediately if it doesn’t spring up magically at the top of the reader. ox


      2. Mary Francis McNinch

        Oh wow? Your to do list is punishing! I haven’t done much reading either. Don’t worry about reading my stuff. As long as I know you haven’t read it I’m good. I know you’ll understand what I mean. Take care of yourself!


      3. lifelessons Post author

        No I want to read it.. came online for that express reason once carpenter left, but can’t find it. I’m pretty bad at finding things.. just have to scroll…


      4. lifelessons Post author

        I’ve clicked on your link to Our Magic Christmas Eve three times and each time it takes me back to my own blog!! And I cannot find it in the Reader. Can you check the link and send it to me here? xoox J


      1. lifelessons Post author

        So sorry. It is a shoe horn! Let me know if any of the hints still don’t compute. The Louis Armstrong–trumpet or cornet, I can never remember which, is the “horn.”


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