Christmas Door: Thursday Doors, Dec 22, 2016


When I went looking for decorations for my doors this year and couldn’t find them, Pasiano and Yolanda reminded me that I’d given them my wreaths last year, although I know I have another one made out of seashells by my sister Betty.  Time was short, however, so instead I stuck up these two stockings. The smaller, which sports an angora beard and hair, was knitted by a friend of my sister who bought it and gave it to me when I was seven years old.  (62 years ago.  It is a wonder the moths have allowed it to survive.) The larger one was given to me by my friend Liz forty years ago.

9 thoughts on “Christmas Door: Thursday Doors, Dec 22, 2016

  1. jesh stg

    Like your colorful Christmas door! Because all of the festivities, am late for decorating my own house, and haven’t found the wreath yet – so you’re way ahead of me. Have a merry Christmas:)

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      I ordered the tiles and had it made of metal with the tiles mounted inside and out. We had to cut it off when they laid the new tiles! Now the bugs love that they have ingress underneath. Need to get block strips made. But yes, I like it to. My local favorite artist painted the designs from photos I took of a church in Oaxaca.

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