Letter “T” in B and W

The prompt asks that we post black and white photos of subjects beginning with “s” or “t.”

“T” Is for Tillandsia.

Click any photo to enlarge them all:

Tilandsian loves to grow on electrical wires.  I was told its seed is carried in on the feet of birds that roost there. The first shot was taken through my car windshield to show scale.  I like the distortion.



15 thoughts on “Letter “T” in B and W

  1. carol1945

    Had heard of “Tillandsia”, but could not remember where. Now I know, they are very popular now, you see them in masses in the garden shop. To think they grow so easily this way. Do they interfere with the wire? Do they have to be cleaned off periodically?

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      They don’t seem to have cleared them off in the 16 years I’ve been here, Carol. Certainly prettier than the wires themselves. I had heard that when they are on telephone wires that they can distort the sound, but I have no proof of that and they are all over so I think that is probably an old wives tale. New wives tale?



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