Cee’s “Anything that Flies” Addendum

Tried to get this posted with my earlier submission for this prompt, but it took too long to load and I had to leave as my friend came by to pick me up for a trip to Guadalajara. I’ll try again as this is an amazing shot of a feeding frenzy of birds in La Manzanilla, taken last year. Here goes for another try:

Here is my original posting for the “Anything that Flies” prompt: 


And here is Cee’s prompt page if you’d like to see other people’s postings for the prompt or to post your own: 


3 thoughts on “Cee’s “Anything that Flies” Addendum

  1. slmret

    Thanks for adding this — I love seeing the pelicans diving for fish — their ‘landing’ is really amazing! The pelicans go where the fish are; the fish go where the water is warm — they all move from place to place each year/season. It’s all part of climate change!



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