Bad Photos of Mama and Papa Wren

I was finally was able to capture these photos of papa..but no time to focus.  Can you see the jet that just happened to stream by as I was snapping the one shot? Sorry about the poor photos, but I’m hoping someone will tell me if I’m right in identifying them as wrens:

(Click any photo to enlarge all.)


To read the poem “Kitchen Nativity” about this bird, his mate and nestlings, go HERE.

2 thoughts on “Bad Photos of Mama and Papa Wren

  1. Marilyn Armstrong

    That’s one of the unfortunate things that happens with automatic focusing cameras. When there are items — branches, leaves, etc. — in front of your real subject, your camera can’t tell what you want to shoot. For those of us who have very sharp eyes — younger people than me! — you can take your camera (if you have a camera that can manually focus) out of automatic. My eyes are not that sharp, so I get that same thing. The little leaves and twigs are sharp, but the bird isn’t.

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