Today is that day I’ve been anticipating for months—the day I take the girl kittens in for spaying and the boy for neutering.  Since I don’t have that much time to write, I put today’s prompt word “anticipate” into my search engine on my blog and this is the former post I came up with to reblog:
It takes awhile to find the word anticipate in it–as a matter of fact it is the third word from the end, but I enjoyed reading the story and seeing the photos as though someone else had written them, so perhaps you will, too.  There is an accompanying link to the story I wrote about our huge landslide many years ago.

I can hear the kittens meowing from three rooms away.  They want to be fed and poor babies, it can’t be done before their surgery.  I’ll be glad when their little ordeal is over.  I’m also anticipating the time when they can safely be released to the great outdoors and there will be fewer kitty litter boxes to clean.  Will I suffer empty nest syndrome?  They’ll still be around, but will be mainly outside cats.  Preparing them in anticipation of January’s house sitters who are allergic to cats.  And my friend Patty who is allergic to cats.

Okay, please his that blue URL link above and go back with me in time to another rainy season, another thrill of nature aside from abandoned kittens and murdered bats.  Still sorry about that one.

Before and After

No time to sort these, but below are 3 months of kitten shots from the first day they were mysteriously gifted to me to the present.  Now we are off to insure no new kittens are in my future!

Click on first photo to enlarge all and read captions.


The prompt was anticipate.

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