Help!!! I need help in identifying a movie.

Recently, when I mentioned an anecdote about how when I was a little girl, we’d given some of my outgrown clothes to a schoolmate, my mom told me not to tell anyone they were my old dresses, thinking it would embarrass the other little girl.  Therefore, when a friend asked me if that was my dress the girl was wearing, I said no. “Liar!” she cried, “She told me it was yours!!!”

My friend Mary responded with an anecdote about her mother and her. Here is the conversation between us:

Mary Francis McNinchI had a very good friend when I was barely in school. She had lots of brothers and sisters and a kind, sweet mother. Their house had dirt floors. Mom never said a word when I talked about Sandra until she saw her mother walking down the street with her kids in tow and Sandra’s mother was wearing a skirt Kitty Reynolds had made for Mom, and that was the end of that.

How had she gotten the skirt, Mary?

Mary Francis McNinch: I gave Sandra Mom’s Kitty Reynolds original. I had one like it that was too small, so we couldn’t be twinsies, anyway.

lifelessons: That reminds me of the plot of a movie I just saw the other night. 
She of course is now interested in seeing the movie but I can’t remember the name. I went through all the Netflix movies and all the Amazon Prime movies one can see from abroad (Practically none) and can’t find it. Does anyone recognize the film plot given here? If you do, I’ll gift the first responder with the right answer with any of my books available on Amazon–print or Kindle. Here is the plot. Warning: spoilers!!! Mary, don’t read this description of the movie if you intend on seeing it!

A teenager’s parents find her having sex with her boyfriend in their house and tell her she has to go to church with them every Sunday. She ends up going, grudgingly, working in their soup kitchen, and giving the church her college money–$29,000!!! to help the needy. She then brings street people in and gives away all her parents’ clothes. It is hard to tell whether this is sincere or revenge. Certainly, it begins as a way to get back at her parents and reveal their hypocrisy in not following all the edicts of the Bible that she is learning in her Bible class. Okay, big spoiler now: the climax comes when the priest uses the money to buy a new marble altar!
Can anyone tell me the name of the movie from this info? I can’t remember the names of any of the actors, but it is an American movie set in contemporary times.  It was impossible to tell how old it was, but within the past ten years, I’d say, given the content material.
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17 thoughts on “Help!!! I need help in identifying a movie.

  1. Embeecee

    Everything I tried to do to find it (via Google Search) only came up with stuff from the 1990s and 2000 and beyond. What year was this movie (if you recall?) Or go over to Maddylovesherclassicfilms blog and ask Maddy…she might know

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