Beach Rainbows



It doesn’t often rain at the beach, so on this day, I availed myself of the opportunity to get these shots.  If they seem excessive, I probably shouldn’t admit I took 83!!! Click on any photo to enlarge all.

For Cee’s Rain or Rainbows prompt.

12 thoughts on “Beach Rainbows

  1. theceaselessreaderwrites

    Absolutely version’s gorgeous, Judy, thank you. We’re enduring rain, near-freezing temps, and the threat of snow tonight on this first day of spring in Tennessee. But hey, there’s no such thing as climate change. Grrr……


    1. lifelessons Post author

      I know. Why aren’t people talking more about the freakish weather everywhere? We are just bombarded with bad news, I guess. I think the rainbow was supposed to be a sign of hope and a beautiful ending..Fingers crossed.

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  2. slmret

    Rainbow shots, particularly good ones over the sea, can never be excessive! We’re looking at up to 10″ of rain in the next 3 days — I doubt there will be enough sunshine for a rainbow!

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      1. slmret

        New place still being built — anticipated completion first quarter 2019. I’ll probably go and see it in the next week or two. When it is sunny again, I’ll try to get some good shots of the current place, a townhome complex with 3 cul-de-sacs. Looks almost like “Cape Cod” style in middle of “Spanish” style complexes.

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