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Too often generosity
must suffer the pomposity
of that rich soul who grants it to
recompense those lucky few
for all he gouged throughout his life—
blind to their needs and lives of strife.

The library that bears his name
should also bear the stain of shame.
His reputation  for charity
indeed, had been a rarity
for all the years he cheated workers,
calling them deadbeats or shirkers.

When they asked for a living wage,
their pleas were met by silent rage,
beatings, dockings, firings, 
lock-outs and rehirings
of other hungry men who stayed
for meager wages that he paid.

The dedications will proclaim
his noble acts and spread his fame,
but the world will not take note,
nor will the history books quote
how his empire was slowly carved
out of those masses who slowly starved

The Daily Addictions prompt today was generosity.

8 thoughts on “Generosity

  1. Christine Goodnough

    Your poem is a good one and points out a sad fact of some lives. If the shoe fits, the owner should wear it (except he’s passed on to his reward.) Your poem made me wonder, though, how often is this the case? Seems like men who were generous in life tended to be generous in death and vise versa. (Though it might be descendants trying to clean up grandfather’s image.) As you wrote it, did you have specific examples in mind?

    I tried looking on the Daily Addiction site and see she’s decided to use the InLinkz blue frog. Hope it works out well for you all.


    1. Christine Goodnough

      No problem. Friday Fictioneers uses InLinkz and it seems to work well —but I have a problem because my web filter blocks the site. So I have to check out who’s posted on my cell phone. Interestingly enough, on my computer I can check out the links Fandango offers through Mr Linky. Oh, well.


    1. lifelessons Post author

      I hope they all had a big change of heart and regretted it. I guess whatever the motive, they did a lot of good afterwards, but oh that they’d started doing it earlier. And within their own organizations and companies. There are some companies such as Google that seem to have learned this lesson and have been good to their employees from the first. I’d like to hear about some others.



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