Late Check-Out

Late Check-out

The camera battery left in its charger in a motel in St. Louis,
my batik sarong left gracing a hostel bed in Jakarta,
my only pair of shoes in Timor.
A pair of Levis in Singapore,
my diary in Tanjung Pinang,
my swimsuit in Sri Lanka.

I am lost all over the world,
and this is why, five minutes after
my sister has gone down to check out of the St. Paul hotel,
I am rechecking the beds and desk tops of our room.

My bag packed and zipped at the door,
my purse and computer case propped next to it,
I sift through soggy towels in the tub,
open the closet door once more
to rattle empty hangers,
check each plug socket on each wall.


“Check” is the Ragtag Daily Prompt today. This is a rewrite of a poem written three years ago.

15 thoughts on “Late Check-Out

  1. Olga

    I’m not much of a traveler, but a must trip was to my daughter’s wedding in Kauai last year. I lost my favorite sun hat and flight pillow. The hat was tide to my other daughter’s shoulder bag and dislodged unnoticed. The pillow was left in a taxi and I tried so hard to get it back, but no one turned it in. Still wonder where they both ended up. ๐Ÿ™‚

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      1. Olga

        That’s a Disney movie in the making. A beloved hat picked up by a stranger, then lost again and again. Then somehow finds its way to the original owner. Ha ha! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. Anton Wills-Eve

    Judy, when my youngest son left a much loved teddy bear called Henry in a motel when he was eight years old we only discovered the loss three days later at home. The family were distraught as we’d stayed in several places that week. SIX months later we received a parcel containing Henry in and a note hoping the correct family had been identified!! We were overjoyed, very grateful and Henry was welcomed by our other animals with open arms. He still says thanks in his prayers every night! XX Anton.

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