Rude Visitor


This year the rains came early, starting the day after the men came to begin stripping and resurfacing my roofs. The day after they were supposed to remove the skylight, hurricane-force winds and torrential rains made me glad for once, that they had been no-shows. A month later, the repairs are over and we’ve settled into the daily or nightly showers. I am snug in my house and the mountains behind me are covered with a vivid green. Soon water will be shooting in rivers down the arroyos and cobblestone roads that lead down to the lake from my house and every teja will serve as its own channel for individual rios streaming down from my roof into waterfalls that will arc down to the terrace tiles below.

The rainy season
breaks its usual habit.
A rude early guest.

For dVerse Poets.

22 thoughts on “Rude Visitor

      1. jillys2016

        Like Monet – shoot the same scene in every season. Our rainy season came early this year, too. Last year the lakes were low in time for the hurricanes. This year, there’s no place for the water to go. Must mean we won’t have any tropical storms.

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  1. kim881

    So much better to experience the rainy season snug in your house, Judy. I love that the mountains are covered with a vivid green and that the rainy season is a rude early guest!.

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