Spinning Top


Spinning Top

Is senility a resurrected prenatal state—
hearing the outer world
with limited stages of connection?
Or is it a journey backwards through a lifetime,
remembering details pushed into
the closets of the mind by daily tasks?

The hum of a life is deafening in this world.
Even with earbuds or headsets,
the noise of the world streams in,
wired direct into our consciousness,
quelling thoughts of our own,
wiping clean for the time being,

The whole world with us every minute
leads to no world of our own.
Barraged our entire lives,
more now than ever,
does senility offer a time before our death
to connect with our inner selves once more?

Relieved of the world,
do we spin like a top into that inner world,
remembering a lifetime lost to activity—
the resurrected adolescence of old age 
evolving backwards into a dreaming time
wherein we joyfully wander ourselves again?

Some choose the rope, fearing a nightmare of senility,
yet some of us hope for a return to dreams of childhood,
relieved of all care, even for ourselves.
No one comes back to tell us which it is,
yet some of us?
 We hope.
We hope.


For RDP the prompt was Resurrection.

16 thoughts on “Spinning Top

  1. Anonymous

    Thank you, Judy, yet again. for your exquisite flow into my own poignant Truth, which I am trying to sink into with some semblance of grace, at least on my face.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. calensariel

    That one just made me sigh sadly… Btw, I heard someone refer to their head space as the inner.net the other day. I thought that was really appropriate… Lord knows we all have plenty of memories saved to our hard drives. 😉



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