Sweet Tooth


Sweet Tooth

There are certain practices I’m anxious to curtail,
but I find my past attempts were to no avail.
Cookies placed before me vanish without a trace,
and if you’re toting donuts, you’d better bring your mace.
I  should eschew both cake and pie, for I cannot afford it.
So just in case you plan to share, please change your mind and hoard it!!



The Ragtag prompt today is trace.
Fandango’s prompt FOWC is curtail.
And Daily Addiction’s is afford.

22 thoughts on “Sweet Tooth

    1. lifelessons Post author

      Ha. Guilty as charged. Someone posted three photos of iced donuts last night and I was giving him flack. Now it’s my turn to receive it. I deserve it. On the other hand, I went to the mall and didn’t have gelato today. Ahem.


  1. Marilyn Armstrong

    So there I was in the kitchens talking to myself. “NO COOKIES. SANDWICH!” It isn’t really that I want the cookies. What I want is to not MAKE a sandwich. I want to eat, but I don’t want to create food.

    I made the sandwich. I may go back for the cookie.

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  2. updownflight

    I have a serious sweet tooth, too! If I didn’t just eat a large slice of peach cake, your photos would have definitely pushed me to do so.

    I must confess that even when dieting, I must have something sweet. Unlike some people, I am willing to use sugar substitutes. Luckily, sugar alcohols don’t bother my stomach.

    I do like fruit, but unlike my husband, fruit alone doesn’t always do it for me. Cakes, donuts, or any kind of pastries are my weak points. Though I like other sweets (chocolates and ice cream), they just don’t compare to pastries, in my book.


  3. slmret

    You forgot the ice cream! I can pass on cakes and pies, but ice cream gets me every time! And of course the sugar in the ice cream makes me retain fluids as well as being just plain bad for me! I’ll need lots of water to get through the next few days of heat — hopefully to avoid the ice cream!



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