I Just Can’t See Infinity


I Just Can’t See Infinity

If my life was infinite,
no doubt I’d make a mess of it.
It’s hard enough to get it right—
to be law-abiding and polite—
for eighty or one hundred years.
We need time off for shifting gears.
Tyrants must get tired of
ruling the world with fisted glove,
and perfect folks must need deflection
from their lives of stark perfection.
Reincarnation is just right
for exchanging one life’s plight
for another set of woes.
For trying out some different clothes!
For giving us another chance
to trade in Omaha for France!!!
Let us be mortal. Let it be.
We do not need infinity!!!

The Daily Addictions prompt is infinite.

3 thoughts on “I Just Can’t See Infinity

  1. Marilyn Armstrong

    I remember once thinking seriously about what it might be like to live forever and realized “forever” was probably too long, but maybe 150 years with longer years of good health? Just so we have to live with the results of our choices. If we lived longer, we would be a lot more careful of our world.



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