First to the Gate


First to the Gate

If you were born to innovate,
your one desire to create,
take care you don’t equivocate,
for if you do, I fear your fate
will be that you react too late.
Someone will beat you to the plate!
So if you don’t desire this fate,
Act boldly, friend, and do not wait!!!

The Daily Addictions prompt is innovate.

8 thoughts on “First to the Gate

    1. lifelessons Post author

      Art, music, scientific invention, cyber explorations, poetry, novels, plays, movies, architecture, furniture, fashion, landscape design, aeronautical design…etc. etc.


  1. slmret

    But one of the beauties of creativity is that everybody can do different things, so it almost doesn’t matter who gets there first ~ ~ ~
    Everybody loves
    The joy of making new things


    1. lifelessons Post author

      True, but the point I am making is that creation without action is only dreams..And those who want to put those dreams into action have to act on them. if someone had made Chihuly’s pieces before him, he would not be Chihuly. He would be a Chihuly imitator. If someone had written Shakespeare’s plays before him, he would be a mere imitator. We can’t put off our creativity. It must be worked for and won.



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