Maternal Support


Because I finally found this photo of my mother that I’ve been looking for for years, I had to put it on my blog.  I just love how young she looks, wonder what prompted her lifting up my stroller, love the depiction of the new neighborhood we’d just moved into that lacked even graveled streets, let alone paved ones.  I’m wondering if she lifted me up to show off her spectator pumps?  Pretty fancy for a mother in a housedress holding her chunky baby aloft complete with heavy metal stroller. This is my all-time favorite photo of my mother and me so I just had to share it. That’s the Masonic Temple in the background, by the way. My mother was 37 years old. I must have been between 10 months and a year old.

In case you are curious, here are a number of poems, essays and stories I’ve written about my mother over the years. Bet you can’t read the whole bunch!! But if you want to read just one, let it be the first one, which gives the most complete view of her.


22 thoughts on “Maternal Support

  1. JoHanna Massey

    I love the old black and white photography of our families and friends, our parents growing up, and as young parents themselves. I have them everywhere, in books, small wooden boxes, framed, albums, and it is so wonderful to locate one that has come to mind, and yet momentarily gone missing. Great photo you have shared. Now you will always know where it is! All my best.

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  6. Marilyn Armstrong

    I have recently encountered a cousin and we — me and my other cousin — have been exchanging lots of pictures. Funny because one of HER aunts look exactly like my mother at that age. Family lines.


    1. lifelessons Post author

      I look and look but can’t see resemblance between many of my relatives and me–especially the photos of hundreds of years ago. Well, when at my heaviest, sometimes my oldest sister and when I’m in a slender phase, my mother. I’ve seen my doppleganger twice in my life and it was strange. Once on a travel poster and once a woman who was trying on clothes in the changing room next to me at Nordstrom’s and the ladies helping us ended up charging us for each other’s clothes..That was very weird. I kept insisting those weren’t the clothes I was buying and the clerk looked at me like I was crazy until the woman came out of her dressing room and stood by me–wearing more or less the same clothes that I was. We were all amazed!! I should have gotten her name and contact info. One of the clerks asked if we were sisters and when we said no they said, “Do you think you look alike?” And we both said yes. I’d forgotten about this until reading your comment.


      1. Jo Price

        I’ve missed you doll and hope that you are doing smashingly well! I’m certain that you are soaring as always. You have never been short of wings when it comes to flying. ❤️ Hugs! Jo


  7. Ann O'Neal Garcia

    Writing does not get any better than this. You resurrected her. No wonder you and Patti are so fine. Here was a woman who inspired life to its fullest. Bravo. How’d I miss this? PS, your mom and mine could’ve been identical twis. Weren’t we damned lucky?

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