Dear Reader


Dear Reader

Once deprived of wanderlust,
I feared that I might mold or rust.
I needed some means of expression
to stave off that deep depression
threatening to swallow me
and dull my former ecstasy.

In short, I tended to be wary
of a life more sedentary.
I wondered how to bring the world
into my life, more tightly curled
than it had ever been before.
These walls, these ceilings and this floor,

this  garden, studio and pool
formed a place where I could rule.
Safe from a world run by a fool
senseless, ignorant and cruel.
Within these walls surrounding me,
I settled down to simply be.

But simply being can be tough.
It simply didn’t seem enough.
I felt the need to generate
something to resuscitate
the challenges that used to drive me—
something new that could revive me.

Simply “being” made me numb.
I needed something to become.
So my computer became the tool
helping me to fight the duel
between a lack of energy
and mind that still yearned to be free.

Words became the way I traveled,
the way my mind became unraveled
from the knots of consternation
all that mental constipation
that turned toxic all those ponderings.
All those lonely mental wanderings.

Thoughts like these require ears
to work out puzzles, conquer fears.
And that is why each written word
I write—profound, fearful, absurd—
I send out to the universe—
a means to try out and rehearse
those words that seeking, lightly humming,
signal all that I’m becoming.
My days of travel far behind,
I seek my wanderings in your mind.


The words of the day were challenge, expression, wanderlust and generate.  Here are the links in case you’d like to use one or more of them in your own blog: Generate

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