I “Cee” Your Boots and Raise You Fifteen!

Cee and I seem to be having a bit of a private boot challenge going here.  First, she published THIS, then I published THIS, then she published THIS and I published the blog you are viewing. If you’d like to join in, post your boots both HERE and HERE.

Phew.  That’s a lot of links.  Bet they’ll pick this up as spam. If not, come on.  Show us your boots!!!

11 thoughts on “I “Cee” Your Boots and Raise You Fifteen!

        1. lifelessons Post author

          Oh.. goodie for both.
          I don’t know how to get emoji onto a comment. Did you know emoji was both the plural and singular form of that word? I was reprimanded when I used the word emojis in a Skype to forgottenman!!!

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          1. mariexceline

            I can only get emoji when I comment on my phone. My phone also allows me to type emojis without being autocorrected. Should the word of forgottenman be doubted and instead we shall continue to freely add the ‘s’ ?? 🤷🏽‍♀️

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