Beau of the Fifth Column: Let’s Talk about Kavanaugh

Wow..This is the best oral essay I’ve heard about the Kavanaugh issue, and you’ll be surprised re/ the deliverer. Please listen through to the end. I would hire this guy as my lawyer in a heartbeat…even though he isn’t a lawyer! To my knowledge.

26 thoughts on “Beau of the Fifth Column: Let’s Talk about Kavanaugh

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  3. calensariel

    What an interesting comment about the boys who are now men and came forward about the priests. Why DIDN’T people question THEIR stories? Listening tothat video was worth it to get that one observation.


    1. Justin

      People didn’t question them because the timing of their claim wasn’t convenient. Because in the political arena…these games get played. Less so in the little boys and priests dynamic. This guy knows this. He’s just deliberately omitting it. “Beau” is proof that…as with Marcus Arilius…often credit hours to the better speaker…Less so the more accurate.


  4. Lana

    ‪I watched several of your shows last night for the first time I was transfixed you made so much sense it was spiritual at times I thought most have lost their sense of reality but are clear you are in touch and you ate real I love your spirit , however I disagree with u on one thing you are not a coward at all what so ever you are brave and you are a much needed leader and voice thank you thank you thank you‬


  5. gc

    Trump’s latest attempt to revise the 14th amendment by a single wave of his pen by executive order seems ludicrous but having Brett Kavanaugh in his back pocket he just might succeed in attaining this un-American and racist dream. Trump’s world is based on a game of dominoes and so far he is letting the pieces fall where they may. More folks have to speak up and correct the record. Hats off to the man in this video.

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